Convenience? That’s us.

We like to think we operate the most convenient options in suspension tuning. You can pop in, chat, drop off and collect your suspension from one of the busiest trail centres in the UK, Pedalabikeaway in the Forest of Dean. When our workshop is closed, Pedalabikeaway’s workshop (open 7 days a week) can handle drop-offs and collections, giving you the ultimate in convenience. You can also use us in the more traditional suspension service centre sense, sending your suspension to us and we can send it back to you. 

Sprung Workshop Opening Hours

Monday: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: By appointment only
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sunday: By appointment only

Jake Ireland

Jake has been a suspension super-geek since getting into mountain biking at the age of 14. Years later, after a wealth of mechanical work and spannering on the World Cup DH Scene, opening his own suspension workshop was the next logical step. Jake handles everything from tea making to custom tuning, so you’ll definitely be getting your setup advice straight from the horses mouth, as it were.


Sprung Suspension Workshop is run in conjunction with Pedalabikeaway and their excellent workshop facilities. We can work on your suspension while they perform a more in depth service on your bike, and you end up with a single bill and some refreshed suspension, while only being without your pride and joy for a few days.

The Pedalabikeaway team are available on 01594 860065 or through