Our Prices

The price list below outlines our capabilities, however we are equipped for more custom work, which we can discuss with you on a case by case basis should you have special requirements. 

Our service prices include a full strip down and clean of your suspension, before replacing all seals and o-rings, and re-assembling with new oil. If we need to use any other parts not included in the service cost, we’ll always ask you first. We have state of the art vacuum bleeding machinery to ensure damping consistency, and every suspension unit serviced is tested to check operation before it leaves us.

As we said earlier, should we find any issues on disassembly of your suspension, we will contact you to work out the best way to proceed.

Return postage is currently charged at £8 for shocks/seatposts, or £10 for forks.

We can have DPD collect from you to get your suspension to us, charged at £12.

Rockshox 30/32mm forks £85.00  
35mm Pike/Boxxer £95.00  
Boxxer Charger Upgrade £330.00  
Andreani Piston Kit £200.00 including full service
Monarch £90.00  
Monarch Plus £95.00  
Kage £90.00  
Vivid £95.00  
Vivid Air £115.00  
Add custom valving for £15.00  
Reverb/Reverb Stealth £80.00  
Fox Fox Coil forks £85.00  
Fox Air forks £90.00  
Fox TALAS Forks £95.00  
Andreani Piston kit £200.00 including full service
Fox Air shocks £95.00  
DRCV Air Shocks £105.00  
Specialized/Fox BRAIN shocks £115.00  
Fox coil shocks £85.00  
Custom valving £25.00  
DOSS Seatpost £50.00  
Cane Creek DB Coil Shock £100.00  
DB Air Shock £100.00  
DB Inline £95.00  
Black Damper Body add £40.00  
Ti-Nitride Shaft (For DB Coil) add £40.00  
WSS Bladder Upgrade add £40.00 Including Service
BOS Idylle £90.00
Idylle RARE £90.00
Deville £90.00
KIRK £90.00
VipR £95.00
Void £95.00
X-Fusion 32mm Forks £90.00 (Slide, Velvet etc)
34mm Forks £90.00 (Sweep, Slant, Trace)
36mm Forks £95.00 (RV1, Metric, Vengeance)
Custom Valving add £15.00  
Coil Shocks £90.00 Vector etc
Air Shocks £95.00  
All forks (NOT ATA/TST) £85.00 If in doubt, please call
SKF Seals, add £20.00  
Roco Coil Shocks £95.00  
Add Custom Valving for £15.00  
DVO Emerald £100.00
Diamond £95.00
Jade £100.00
STX22 Air Shock £120
TTX22 Coil Shock £120
 RXF34/36 Fork  £120

*All prices subject to change without notice